My friend and I go to The Bull bi-weekly and haven’t been let down yet. The food is always stellar. The price is excellent, and quite refreshing for a sit down restaurant (everything on the menu is under $10). The menu itself is one page…FINALLY a restaurant understands that a 10 page menu is too long, they follow a golden rule “keep it simple stupid”. The wings are amazing for an appetizer, give them a try. I’ve tried close to half the menu and can’t say I don’t recommend anything on it, it’s all a hit! If they continue to use the same formula, they’re destined for success in Niagara. ~ Johnny

An amazing little place that I believe is under-priced for what you get and I hope it stays that way. Everything on the menu is below $15 and the portion sizes are very generous. Great atmosphere with friendly staff who really know the ins and outs of the menu. Will visit again when I am in town!~ Adam

If you love pulled pork you will love the “Redonkadonk” sandwich. Years ago it was the first time I had coleslaw on a pulled pork sandwich and I was very reluctant to even try it. Its a very casual restaurant with good staff. Whenever I can (which isn’t often enough) I hit up this place.~ Ryan

The Bull BBQ Pit has been opened for sometime now, why no one has reviewed it yet is beyond me. The smell of the bbq smoke hits you once walk through the door, and since we were real hungry it was welcomed. The menu is quite simple burgers, salads and BBQ. You can chose from brisket, pulled pork, ribs, wings, and other common fare. Now the sides, they serve their Bullslaw inside the sandwiches, in my opinion that is the way it is supposed to be. The fries are well done and a great golden brown.

I am not sure if they are hand cut nor did I ask, but they looked and tasted like it to me. The interior was fresh, open and very relaxed. Reminded me of some BBQ establishments I used to frequent in Mississippi & Louisiana. The prices are real reasonable. The one thing I would like to see is some homemade bbq sauce for their meat, not that it needs any, but if you felt like it needed something instead of the supermarket brands.

Looking forward to my next visit.

~ Troy

Trying to get out of the cold and in need of lunch, my wife & I randomly chose this restaurant simply because it was he closest restaurant to the street intersection. Once inside, we were the third set of customers there but in all fairness it was around 1:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon during a cold snowy afternoon. Just to make the rest of this as short as possible, the service was exceptional and friendly, the food we had was excellent and worthy to be called proper BBQ house food and the price was reasonable. We would definitely recommend the Fidel Castro pulled pork sandwich and the chili. Usually I tend to be wary of even the better restaurants during slow periods of the day but while waiting for our food to arrive, I had a chance to see other reviews of the The Bull here and was impressed. When a restaurant cares to produce great food during ANY period of the day, you know it is a great place. Hoping to make the journey from Brampton to St. Catharines again, we would definitely eat here again.

~ Sal